The Balkan Route

Bapska, Serbo/Croatian crossing border, 6,30 a.m. A girl, neat and nicely dressed in spite of a night spent wrapped up in a grey termic UNCHR provided blankets, approaches me with a perfect english  “ Can ask you something, sir ? ” Everybody wants to go to Germany, we were thinking about France, what do you think ?” Her husband and their two kids came closer ” we met at the university, we are both engineers, my husband left Damascus for fear of conscription, we stayed in Istanbul for nine months, than we decided to move, there is no future for our kids there. This episode is more than enough to understand reasons and profiles of this epic migration of Syrian people toward North Europe: joung, secular, educated: should this emergency be well managed it could take new blood and new ideas to old Europe.

2015 / 2016