Famine in South Sudan

The reportage was shoot in BAHR el GHAZAL region, one of the most affected area by war and famine. Pictures tell a daily stories of any village around South Sudan: waiting for food distribution , the medical check up for the undernourished children, mother and son lying in a bed ‘hospital’, a child too weak and too ill to handle a cup of milk, or a young girl busy to mill corn just delivered by WFP. This happen in a fertile land , green and full of water as no other place in Africa and potentially rich in oil more than the Arab countries. The Lopedeng hospital  was set up as a field hospital 14th before  by international Red Cross and is located close to the border between Kenia and Sudan; the patients are military and civilians victims of the war in south Sudan, people injured in battlefield, victims of landmines. it has an average of 450 patient and 5000 surgical intervention a year.

South Sudan 1998